#5 Blog

Language Learning:

Wow I am 3 months into my experience and I can sat "good morning" , "goodnight", and "Can I order a sandwich". Haha okay not actually but around 3 months into my experience I was starting to question my language learning capabilities. I felt like I was in rut and wouldn't break through. Once I realized  that I was in learning rut, I tried getting out in the community more, making more friends, surfing more often. During all of these outings, I would try as hard as I possibly could to learn more than I had the day before. About a month after trying this new method out, I realized my Portuguese had drastically improved and I had impressed myself. I starting getting comfortable with how my Portuguese was developing so I was starting to slow down on my previously avid lifestyle and spent more time surfing and practicing Jiu-Jitsu. Being abroad, you are practicing a different language everyday, however how much you want to learn depends on how often you practice and immerse yourself.