#4 Blog

The Homestay:

When I was first dropped off at my original homestay, I was overwhelmed with curiosity and excitement for being in a foreign country about to meet the people I would stay with for the remainder of my time in Brazil. My Family was amazing to say the least. I lived with an older couple on a large property. My host mother was a great chef and gardener. An average day for my Family and I would entail waking up relatively early, water the plants, feed the chickens, and start to make lunch for everybody (her son, his wife, and their daughter as well as her daughter, her husband, and her 3 sons). I would have to go to my apprenticeship at this time but would usually be back just in time for lunch or Almoça. It was always a party at my homestay. Kids were always laughing or crying. It was always one or the other. Scents of meat and cheese would waft through the house all day from the Pão de Queijo my host mother would make occasionally. Pão de Queijo is and was my favorite dish in Brazil. It is a Cheesy Bread using tapioca instead of flour. It is SO good. Lets just say I gained a few pounds from how much I ate over in Brazil. Following some coffee and pastries, I would usually go for an afternoon surf session either by myself or with some friends in the area. After surfing I would ride my bike to a local Jiu-Jitsu Gym a mile from my house. After a whole day of this, trust me, you are exhausted. I usually passed out right after dinner. Brazilian dinner is bomb! Steak, chicken, potatoes, beans, rice, more cheese bread. They got it all!