“Mon dieu que j’aime,
Ce port du bout du monde
Que le soleil inonde
De ses reflets dorés ”

While listening to the melodious voice of Dalida, I never thought that a song could depict so well one’s experience, feelings or even emotions ! The little port of the song evoked to me Garopaba.Euuh wait , “what is even Garopaba ” right ?

Let’s start from the beginning then ! So  according to our modern bible , also reffered as “Wikipédia”, Garopaba is “A municipality in the state of Santa Catarina in the South region of Brazil”. According to the Tupi-guarani community “Ygarapaba” means “enseada de barcos”.
One place , different definitions…But what is my definition of Garopaba ?

To me it means the smile of my little brother almost as shining as the sunset over the “Morro das Antennas”. It means Débora’s big heart , Vovis’s inimitable brigadeiro. It means the tremendous beauty of the Praia da Silveira, Ferrugem, Rosa.

I feel sometimes that enumerating what Garopaba means to me is an endless list. But over all these little bits and pieces , I realized that before anything , Garopaba is associated with the little clear blue wooden house I have been living in for almost 4 months now.


Home with “um sabor bem do Brasil” !

View of my Bairro . The wonders of nature never stopped amazing me !!