2016 Election

As everyone knows, we have just elected a new president,
Donald Jay Trump. I assume that the majority of Americans were very shocked by
this outcome noting that the polls and statistics portrayed Hillary as having a
substantial lead.  For me, I am happy to
at least have an answer to who is going to be the president for the next four
years. In the past six months we have had a tense political scene with the
country so polarized and so passionate about their candidate. Personally, I
wasn’t a fan of either candidate. My friend from Porto Alegre expressed it
perfectly, “The right is too crazy, but the left is too dirty.”


I want to make the bold argument that electing Donald Trump
is good for the future of America. I personally, do not agree with the policies
that Trump has talked about, nor do I support the alleged actions he has taken
part in during his past, but to me this election was not about this. To me this
election was about corruption. Seeing how corruption plays a role in the
politics in Brasil has showed me how big of an issue this is and that for us as
a society to progress, we cannot allow for it. Hillary and the DNC tried to buy
their way to the white house and the people stopped them, which in my opinion
is incredible. I do not know for sure what will happen in the coming months,
but I truly hope that Trump appoints a new supreme court justice that believes
in the law over his own personal opinions and can reverse Citizens United vs
FEC. Money should not have a role in politics.


Looking toward the future I believe that this country is
going to grow. There is a saying that my host sister told me, “When something
bad happens, it’s a lesson. When something good happens, it’s a blessing.” I
believe that this election has already taught so many lessons. It has shown Millennials
the importance of voting. It has taught us that negotiations must be promoted
in order to prevent a polarized bipartisan government. And it has taught us
that you should never underestimate someone.


Finally, no matter if you support Trump or not, I believe
that as a citizen of the US it is our duty to respect him as our new president.  When Trump said that he might not respect the
outcome of the election during the third debate, the mainstream media ridiculed
him, yet now that he has won some (NOT ALL) have resulted in protesting his
presidency. Obama stated in his speech concerning Trump’s win that, “We have to
remember that we are actually all on the same team. This is an intermural
scrimmage. We’re not Democrats first. We’re not Republicans first. We are
Americans first.”


I want to end by saying this. These are my thoughts. My
goal is not to aggravate anyone nor am I writing this with bad intentions. I am
solely stating my opinion. It’s important for us all to agree to disagree
because that makes us diverse and that is the driving force of this
nation!  Curiosity Before Judgment.


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