2 month mark

Oi gente!

I left home two months ago today!

These last eight weeks are a blur in my mind, and I’ve found it hard to write a blog post that truly puts it into words. There is so much that is different, and so much that is the same. I miss home and people I left there so fiercely and yet am in love with where I am and the people here so entirely. I am both happy and restless and fulfilled and curious. 

Since my last blog post, my environment hasn’t changed, but I’ve definitely grown into it better. My Portuguese is improving everyday, as is my connection to my new home. Aside from work and Portuguese classes, I’ve joined a local dance studio and have been taking surfing lessons and French classes. 

It’s spring time in Brazil and we’ve had plenty of rain and storms recently. I am told every day that soon Garopaba will get hot and busy and that people will cover our now empty beaches. I’m excited for our sleepy town to wake up a little, for all the shops to open for summer and for some consistent sunshine. (as much as I’ve been missing Oregon fall!)

I’m attaching some pictures to help me express where I am and how beautiful it all is. 

I’m happy, healthy, growing and learning!

Until next time