10 Lessons from travelling in India

Greetings from the foot of the Himalayas in Macleod Ganj 

  1. You can manage an unplanned trip without internet, it’s scary but you just have to trust people. 

  1. India is a country of contrasts, unpredictability and intensity. It’s okay to take it all in small doses. Let yourself rest. 

  1. Being a white tourist will make people assume you want to buy hash on every street corner (at least in Varanasi… or do I just look like a pothead?).

  1. Prepare to show very vulnerable sides of yourself with your travel partner. You never know when there will be unstoppable fluids coming out of your front and rear end; it could be a chai stall or even your own bed.

  1. Want to start a conversation? Say some words in their local language and you’ll have a very surprised and happy Indian. 

  1. Don’t scarf down a huge North Indian meal ten minutes before getting on a 10-hour bus ride from Varanasi to Agra, you’ll have emptied your stomach within five minutes of the trip. 

  1. Food can be expensive and tasteless or cheap and mouthwatering. Prioritize where you want to spend your money and your experiences. 

  1. Buddhist monks sometimes listen to strange cowboy techno in the shower. 

  1. Even though vendors are extremely pushy, be open to talking to them. You’ll have very funny memories to look back on and invitations to places all across India. 

  1. Kindness is everywhere, be open-minded, open-hearted and prepare to receive. Next time you see a lost stranger in your own country, prepare to give back.