I met my second family 17,038 km far away from Peru. 
I was born in Peru and I consider that diverse and colorful country as my home. 
But, the ‘little’ town of Changshu in China is also home to me.
Thanks to the uwc movement, I had the opportunity to live and study in Changshu for 2 years. It was my first time leaving Peru, leaving home. 
There, I was so fortunate to meet amazing and inspiring people that soon became my second family. People that made Changshu feel like home. This family inspired me since the beginning of that adventure and added so much to my life.  
Now, 7,173 km away from Peru and 11,476 km away from China, I’m ready to meet my new soon to become family. I’m ready to meet yaay Lisa, baay  Amadou, sana mal bugóor Daouda and Alassane, sana goroo bu yi géen Amina and Khadija, and xale Lisa and Maimouna. ❤️