Charlotte Kaufman - Ecuador

September 13, 2013

Over the span of 5 minutes in the air, through our small airplane windows, I watched the sun set. The sky fell from a gloomy grey to a fiery orange to a pitch black, speckled with stars. It’s funny how the world below can seem so insignificant when suspended in the sky.

When on land we are subject to the limitations of our location. We are most certainly somewhere. Whether it be in a place which we call home or a place miles away from what we ever knew or ever were comfortable with. But, being in the sky levels the playing field. We are neither here nor there, simply in the air.

As I looked out my window, into this great expanse of mute darkness, I heard only the sounds of the people encapsulated in our safe little plane. As I listened, all I could do was wait. I did so with tremendous excitement because in just a few hours I was going to be somewhere: in Quito. The journey would begin, and the many sounds would overlap each other, and my world would be something once again. And, it would be something new.

Charlotte Kaufman