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India Fellows, 2017

What we do

Global Citizen Year is an immersive gap year abroad for bold high school grads who are hungry to experience the world and make an impact before college.

 Each year we select a diverse cohort of talented Fellows and provide them with opportunities to live and work in Brazil, Ecuador, India, or Senegal during a bridge year before college.


Gain real-world experience in fields like environmental conversation, public health, education, agriculture, or social enterprise (just to name a few).


Participate in the culture at an intimate level through daily life with your host family – cook with your host mom, play soccer with your brothers, attend a traditional wedding!


Connect with extraordinary young people like you from around the world. Forge lifelong friendships through trainings, team meet-ups, and shared adventures.


Build fluency in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Hindi, Wolof, or other local languages. Immersion learning is way more effective (and fun) than a textbook.


Arrive on campus refreshed, focused, and with the advantage of real-world experiences that give you clarity on where your passions meet the world’s greatest needs.

If you’re curious about taking a bridge year, this is a great place to start. Tell us a little bit about yourself below and get exclusive info about our program.

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