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Partners & Supporters


A growing community of investors, allies, and partners help to bring our vision to life.

We are deeply grateful for their generous support.

Global Citizen Year receives support from a diverse set of investors, allies and partners. Grants, programmatic consulting and in-kind services have facilitated Global Citizen Year’s ten-fold growth since our founding, including expansion to new country sites. We have awarded more than $10 million in scholarships since 2009, allowing us to admit high-potential emerging leaders regardless of their socioeconomic background. We are grateful for each partner’s support as we envision a world in which this bridge year becomes a common expectation and opportunity—transforming education, and unleashing the potential of our next generation as social innovators and global citizens.

We are fortunate to work with a range of world-class partners who help us identify, train and support our Fellows.

We are grateful for the individuals, corporations and foundations that have spurred Global Citizen Year’s growth and ensured the program remains accessible for emerging leaders from all socioeconomic backgrounds.


Our Champions include individuals who have committed $1,000,000 or more in funding for Global Citizen Year.

Arnhold Foundation   I   Shelby Cullom Davis Charitable Fund   I   William K. Bowes, Jr. Foundation


Our Leaders include individuals and institutions that have committed $100,000 or more in funding for Global Citizen Year.

Anonymous   I  The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation   I   S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation   I   Nike Foundation   I   Lisa & John Pritzker Family Fund   I   Bill Falik & Diana Cohen   I   Maggie Kaplan   I   John Gunn & Cynthia Fry Gunn   I  San Francisco Jewish Community Federation & Endowment Fund   I   Ford Foundation   I   Steve & Roberta Denning   I   The Friend Family Foundation   I   Sylvan/Laureate Foundation   I   George Family Foundation   I   The Crotty Family Foundation   I   Greg & Marybeth Lernihan   I   Smita Singh   I   Ann MacDougall & Jules Kaufman   I   Gail Britton & Peter Knight   I   Raikes Foundation   I   Brent Martini Family Trust   I   Franklin & Catherine Johnson Foundation   I   George Lee   I   Tim Brady   I   Mackenzie Family Foundation   I   Crystal & Chris Sacca   I   Mary Obelnicki & Craig Silverstein     Vaya Trusts   I   Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation


Our Partners include individuals and institutions who have committed $10,000 or more in funding for Global Citizen Year.

Sakurako & William Fisher   I   Robert S. Kaplan   I   Westly Foundation   I   Yahoo! Employee Foundation   I   Charles & Susan Harris   I   Colgate-Palmolive   I   Harry Falik   I   Lisa & Douglas Goldman Fund   I   MCJ Amelior Foundation   I   Jeffrey C. Walker   I   Ashoka   I   Zach Clayton   I   Mark & Becky Levin   I   Bill Kunnath   I   Ellen & Bob Peck   I   Koret Foundation   I   Eric Bauer   I   Judy Kaplan   I   Koogle Foundation   I   Lisa & Ciaran O’Kelly   I   Claude & Andrea Stern   I   Isaac & Madeline Stein   I   Neal Baer   I   Debra Wetherby   I   Joe Mandato   I   Diane Boyer Jerhoff   I   Stace Lindsay & Lisa Ceremsak   I   Bob Fischer   I   Martin & Mary Boyer Foundation   I   Craig Herb   I   Syzygy Foundation   I   Richard Hunt   I   Christina Pehl   I   Cissie Swig   I   Karen Chakmakian   I   Park Foundation   I   Steve Malkenson   I   Karen Wagner   I   Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation   I   Chris Varelas   I   Kelly Pope   I   Hummingbird Foundation   I   Eric Hanson   I   Betty & Jack Schafer   I   Lizzie & Jonathan Tisch   I   Shelly London   I   Leigh Teece   I   Ginger & Jack Graham   I   Nancy Heinen   I   JPMorgan Chase   I   Maryanne Cataldo   I   Nathan Brill   I   Warren McFarlan   I   Orin Kramer   I   Sukey & Michael Novogratz   I    Bill Plapinger & Cassie Murray   I   Elliot Schrage & Juliet Whitcomb   I   Bill Mayer   I   Lisa & Matt Chanoff   I   Betsy & Peter Chung   I   Garrett & Mary Moran   I   Bill Sahlman   I   The Bengier Foundation   I   FThree Foundation   I   George Scharffenberger     Howard Stevenson   I   The Janeth Fund   I   Lorene Arey     Michelle Wilver   I   Lynn Feintech   I   Mal Warwick   I   Victoria Ransom


Our Founding Supporters provided the seed funding that launched Global Citizen Year.

Peery Foundation   I   Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation   I   The Mind Trust   I   Mulago Foundation   I   Rogers Family Foundation   I   Harvard Business School


Scott & Salmanowitz LLP

Jones Day




Open Development, Inc.

Three Ships



One World Futbol Project

Rosetta Stone



Balin Profession Coaching



Shantanu Starick

Global Citizen Year will not share personal information unless a donor has given specific permission to do so.

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