Tessa Ware

Tessa has a background in education and has, while teaching locally and internationally, learned much about navigating different contexts and understanding different cultures. Her first taste of a different cultural context was during her gap year in Thailand, an experience that sparked her passion for facilitating youth development in different cultural settings. Following this she obtained an undergraduate degree in English, History and Anthropology and then an Honour’s degree as a Mandela Rhodes scholar. She went on to teach at Waterford Kamhlaba (UWCSA) and UWC Costa Rica and has worked with student leaders at these schools as well as at a university level, developing programmes to hone their leadership skills. She aims to create spaces that will spur growth and enable students to feel empowered to create impact in the sectors that they care about. Tessa believes that there are many strands to the tapestry we must weave of a more just and healthy world. She aims to help students to weave their strands into this tapestry. Additionally, Tessa loves spending time outdoors, photography,travel and making and writing music.
‘Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.’~ Bill Nye