Shruti Kedia

Shruti Kedia strongly believes that stories have the power to transform, connect, and inspire people all over the world. Every individual has a compelling life story- filled with ambition and aspirations, scars and mistakes, courage and strength- awaiting to be captured. These narratives not only fuel the passion but also encourage Shruti to find innovative ways to make these stories matter and heard. This zest to archive the everyday lives of extraordinary people marks Shruti’s journey to Global Citizen Year.

An alumni of Columbia University and Cardiff University, Shruti worked as a development journalist in India for over 6 years. Her quest to create a sustainable impact led her to start her own student venture, Ekatra Life, to support local businesses and women artisans in the pandemic. Passionate about exploring international cuisines, Shruti spends her free time exploring New York City, experimenting with new recipes, and spending time in nature.,

“Let us not worry for the recognition or the reward, but let us be more anxious for the quality of our work.”
-Swami Chinmayananda