Matt Dalio

Matt’s passion is building technology that will cultivate a generation of creators. He founded Endless, a collection of companies and initiatives focused on unlocking the untapped potential in youth, with three main focus areas. The first focuses on democratizing device accessibility by offering credit through pay-as-you-go technology. The second addresses accessibility of internet connectivity by harnessing the storage to use bandwidth more efficiently. The third initiative focuses on enabling youth to learn to code by building video games that can be hacked. With the focus aimed at inspiring delight in kids globally, Endless hopes to empower the world’s youth to shape their technology, rather than be shaped by it. Matt discovered his passion for building organizations of consequence when he founded the China Care Foundation at the age of 16 to offer orphaned children a brighter future. For his work, Matt was honored as one of Oprah Winfrey’s “People Changing the Lives of Children Around the World”, as one of Teen People’s “20 Teens Who Will Change the World,” and the youngest recipient of the Fulbright Award. All of this was set in motion by living with a family in China at age 11. That year in China changed his life, setting him on the course that led him here today. Matt is a graduate of Harvard College (’06) and Stanford Business School (’12).