Leah Mesh-Ferguson

With a background in theater and operations, Leah brings a creative approach to systems & processes. She believes that administration and operations are integral to advancing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging in the workplace and is grateful that she gets to put her mission into practice at Global Citizen Year.  Before Global Citizen Year, Leah worked as a company manager in theater (think, People Ops + hospitality for artists) in New York City and Berkeley, CA. She has also provided people ops, strategy, and operations consulting for small arts organizations. 

Leah is proud to be a 2014 Ecuador alum of Global Citizen Year. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre & Drama Studies and Cultural Studies at McGill University in Montreal and now lives in Brooklyn, NY. She grew up in Arlington, MA. Outside of work, Leah is an avid crafter who knits and sews much of her wardrobe. When possible, she loves to escape the urban sprawl and hang out in the woods.