Jediael Shalom

With a passion for psychology and personal development, Jediael has spent over five years
studying applied psychology, communication, and counseling completing both a Diploma in
Communication Skills and a BA in Applied Psychology. This led him into the field of youth
development and social impact through the use of education as a platform. Jediael has immense
experience working with people in various communities across Cape Town, and has conducted
specialized research on the various socio-economic and systemic factors that impact people on a
micro level. His love of education, skill development, and psycho-social improvement, allows him
to work closely with young aspiring leaders as the Program Coordinator of Take Action Lab. This
gives Jediael the opportunity to support the wellbeing and development of students as they
solve real-world issues in a dynamic environment. Jediae also enjoys reading, writing, and
spending time in nature. Favorite quote: β€œIt is not the brains that matter most, but that which
guides them β€” the character, the heart, generous qualities, progressive ideas.” – Fyodor