Imani Dunbar

Imani Dunbar is an accomplished business executive with more than 20 years of experience in analytics, data, operations, strategy, technology. As Head of Equity, Dunbar is responsible for developing, implementing and delivering on LinkedIn’s equity strategy and advancing the company’s long-term commitment to help drive equitable outcomes for all members of the global workforce. Dunbar is working to advance recruiting tools and technology that help democratize equitable outcomes and accelerate a company’s ability to create diverse workplaces. For professionals, Dunbar is keen on driving platform changes that can further empower members to build strong networks, increase access to opportunities regardless of demographics and launch products and programming designed to promote equity and shine a light on underrepresented communities. With Dunbar at the helm, LinkedIn now has a more refined focus and determination on the need to create equal access to opportunity and help drive equitable outcomes across its platform and the workplace. Dunbar has also built and led global teams at Facebook and PwC where she established a proven reputation for leveraging a data-and-analytic approach to making strategic business decisions. She holds a B.S. in Management Information Systems from the University of Notre Dame and a M.S. in Business Analytics from St. Mary’s College of California.