Chris Eyre

Chris Eyre has been a venture capitalist for over 45 years. Initially managing venture activities for Bank of America, he and partners formed Merrill Pickard Anderson & Eyre in 1979. After a lengthy career with MPAE, Chris retired to devote more time to fathering a family of 5 children. His partners later formed Benchmark Capital and Foundation Capital. In 2001, Chris joined Legacy Venture, a philanthropic fund of funds. Legacy is now amplifying over $2 Billion of capital through premier venture firms. Upon liquidity, capital is directed by investors to individual philanthropic causes. Chris took a sabbatical from Legacy to preside over the Toronto mission of his church (2008 -2011). In 2016 Chris moved to emeritus status at Legacy to devote more time to grandfathering a growing portfolio of grandchildren, now numbering 20. He has served on the board of directors of numerous private and public companies as well as nonprofit organizations. Current activities include impact investing, and philanthropy. Chris earned a BS from Utah State University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.