Ana Peña

As a mechanical engineer turned social impact operations professional, Ana has spent the last 10+ years of her career supporting operations, project management, and events at international social impact organizations. Ana loves to combine process improvement with relationship building and connectivity to support the growth of small and medium organizations working to “do good”. Her early exposure to cross-cultural experiences (moving from Mexico, to Brazil, and finally to the US all before age 10) has inspired her to continue providing students, teachers, and educators opportunities to connect across borders. In her previous work at Teach For All, Toilet Hackers, and now with Global Citizen Year, she hopes to support others to build bridges across cultures to help them learn more about themselves and our global community. In her down time you can find her in a yoga studio, out hiking, or cuddling with her pup – Luna. Her favorite quote is “Al final sólo se tiene lo que se ha dado…” – Isabel Allende.

Translation of quote: In the end, all we have is what we’ve given.