Simona Levi

In 2017 Rolling Stone magazine chose Simona Levi as one of the 25 people in the world who are shaping the future.

Since 2017 she has been designing and directing the Postgraduate Course in Technopolitics and Rights in the Digital Era.

She is a theatre director, playwright, technopolitical strategist and researcher. She’s founder and spokepersons of projects like 15MPARATO, which led to jail the former Minister of Economy and President of IMF and 15 more bankers, and Xnet, leading Spanish activist project in fields related to digital rights, democracy, freedom of expression and citizens’ control of power and institutions.

She is co-author of several books amongst which: #FakeYou: Fake News and Disinformation – Governments, political parties, mass media, corporations, big fortunes: monopolies of information manipulation and cuts in freedom of expression (Rayo Verde, 2019); Vote and charge. Impunity as a form of government (Capitan Swing, 2017); Technopolitics, the Internet and R-evolutions and Free Digital Culture: Basic Notions for Defending What Belongs to Everyone Icaria, 2012).

Her shows have been performed in theatres and festivals throughout Europe and she has created high-impact festivals like OXcars and InnMotion.