Paul Ninson

Paul Ninson is a photographer and a filmmaker born in Kumasi, Ghana but currently in New York. He has a degree from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Industrial Art. He started his photography career four years ago as a medium of expression and to solve problems. Ninson has traveled across Africa, working on personal projects including; Umoja Woman -”Village with No Men”, Culture According Africans, WWII Veterans, Where Education Is Free, and “Dipo: Rite of Passage.” Worked for a number of Non-Profit organizations, Agencies in part of Africa & USA. Paul Ninson studied Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism at School of International Center of Photography (New York), where he was awarded The Director’s Fellowship and the George Moss Merit Scholarship. Paul has a dream to build the largest photography library and learning center in Africa, Dikan. So far, Paul has collected over 30,000 books and has raised over $1.2 million to support the project.