Madeline Lisaius

Madeline Lisaius is the Lead Data Scientist in the areas of food, climate and gender at The Rockefeller Foundation. She is passionate about the power of community-engaged spatial analysis to reveal insights that can guide targeted approaches to support the most vulnerable populations around the globe. Prior to joining The Rockefeller Foundation, Madeline worked with the Waorani Women’s Association of the Ecuadorian Amazon (AMWAE) on a sustainable cacao agroforestry program and later to map forest degradation with both satellite and anthropological methods as a National Geographic Young Explorer. As part of the Lobell Group during her B.S. and M.S. studies at Stanford University, Madeline used satellite imagery to support more efficient agricultural practices in East Africa and Northern India. On the side, Madeline leads backpacking trips and international travel trips for young adults and enjoys baking, hiking, writing and latin dance.