Chido Govera

Chido Govera is a Social entrepreneur and Founder of The Future of Hope Foundation ( and was nominated a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. She pioneered the conversion of coffee grounds from cafes into mushrooms initiative, inspiring entrepreneurs around the world. Through the foundation, Chido fulfills her commitment to ending poverty, abuse, self-pity, and victimhood at the grassroots level in Africa through food security and with a focus on women and girls and orphans. The simplified sustainable mushroom farming method provides food security by converting organic residues into food, motivating people at different levels to take on entrepreneurial opportunities in both the developed and developing parts of the world. Chido is committed to engaging women and girls in socio-economic development and to reach their full potential. Despite all the hardships that marked her childhood, Chido was determined to make something of herself and remains committed to playing her part in contributing to a world where there is hope and a future all regardless of backgrounds or gender.