Update: Unrest in the Gambia

Update: January 24, 2017


The current political and societal situation in the Gambia and subsequently in Senegal is calm and peaceful.  Adama Barrow has assumed the Presidential position in the Gambia after a peaceful exchange of power with Yahya Jammeh who has exited the Gambia as planned and is now residing in Guinea.  


Global Citizen Year programming will continue operating as normal in Senegal.  As with all risks in-country, Global Citizen Year will continuously monitor the threats to Fellow health and safety and adjust management as necessary.   


Original Post: January 20, 2017

Political unrest in the Gambia is being monitored by Global Citizen Year.  Due to the current threat level, there are no significant programmatic changes in Senegal.  Global Citizen Year will continue to closely monitor and assess the threat and will respond according to information provided by experts in the field, the US Embassy, the Peace Corps, and other governmental and non-governmental agencies.


For geography of the region (Senegal and Gambia), see link

For news on the situation (1/20/17), see link


The current political unrest in the Gambia is a result of political elections in December 2016, when Adama Barrow was declared the winner of the presidential election.  Adama Barrow was sworn in as President on 1/19/2017 at the Gambian Embassy in Dakar; yet the current President of 22 years, Yahya Jammeh, has been unwilling to “step down.”  The Senegalese army (at least 20 military vehicles seen on 1/19/17) was deployed into the Gambia through the border town of Karang to aid in the removal of President Jammeh who assumed power in a 1994 coup.  Approximately 26,000 refugees have moved out of the Gambia and into Senegal.  Foreigners have been evacuated from the region.  


The Guinean President has offered asylum to standing President Jammeh in exchange for an exit of power.  President Jammeh has agreed to peacefully step down from the Presidency tonight, 1/20/17.  Guinean, Gambian and Senegalese officials are on standby.  President Jammeh has verified to President elect Barrow over Twitter that a transfer of power will happen.  A peaceful resolution of the situation is expected within 24 hours.  


Global Citizen Year is committed to promoting the health and safety of all participants, staff and partners.  As with all safety risks, Global Citizen Year will monitor and review information and inform Fellows, parents, staff and partners of any programmatic changes.   

For further questions or concerns, please contact info@globalcitizenyear.org.

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