Three Years Later, Five Times the Size

Our Fall 2011 Newsletter has just been released! Read an excerpt below, or click here to see the full version with additional updates on our 2013 Application Launch and an Alumni Spotlight featuring 2010 Fellow Ananda Day and 2011 Fellows Peter Saudek and Clara Sekowski.

This August, we welcomed our 2012 Global Citizen Year cohort of 56 Fellows to Fall Training at Stanford University. During a world-class, two week training, our Fellows were introduced to global development, engaged leadership and effective communication by our inspiring faculty. Highlights included:
  • Intro to Global Development by David Abernethy (StanfordProfessor Emeritus)
  • Engaged Leadership Workshop with Pam Scott (Founder,The Curious Company)
  • Unleashing the Girl Effect with our partners at the Nike Foundation
  • Media for Social Change with Gavin White(CEO, Resdida)
  • Apps that Change the World hosted by Google

Our Fellows have now arrived in communities across Brazil, Senegal, and Ecuador, and we invite you to follow their blogs as their experiences unfold.

Things continue to move at a fast clip at the home office as well. In the past few months, we have doubled the size of our global team and received national media features in outlets like The Christian Science Monitor,, and just last week on Wisconsin Public Radio. But we know that this is just the beginning of our bolder vision: that one day a Global Citizen Year before college will be the norm, not the exception.

We appreciate your continued support as we work to make this vision a reality, and look forward to a successful Year 3!