The Fellows Send-Off Reception

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I could not describe the evening and its significance any better than Patrick O’Heffernan of Social Edge.  I have included an excerpt from his article on Social Edge below.

“Last week, when I pulled up in an old VW next to the walled compound where I was supposed to meet the young Americans preparing to work in the bush the power was out and the street was pitch black. But no problem. The hostess was prepared with candles and the meeting room and the lush topical garden flickered with dozens of tiny flames. Women in colorful robes and dresses and men in shiny suites milled noisily around an outdoor fire to keep warm as the hot day slid into a chilly night. Food was plentiful as the hostess had wisely ordered a kitchen truck with its own generator to serve native dishes.

The first night of Peace Corp volunteers in Africa or Asia?

No, it was a home in a suburb of  San Francisco and the event was the send off party for the first class of the Global Citizen Year Fellows who were going Senegal and Guatemala a few days later to live with families in a rural communities. They had recently completed 12 days of intensive training by youth development experts and social entrepreneurs on social innovation and sustainable development. Now they were ready to put it to work. They were the inaugural class of Global Citizen Year and they were going to change the world. And they will.” Read the article –>

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