Launch Party in NYC

Young Professionals gathered in New York to raise funds for GCY. Arranged by Harvard alums, the evening was a smash success and officially launched a GCY New York Chapter.

Undaunted by a cold and windy evening, dozens of GCY supporters took to the dance floor last month in New York. The event raised thousands of dollars for GCY and drew young professionals from across the city. It was the official launch of GCY’s New York Chapter, a group of young New Yorkers dedicated to GCY’s vision of providing all students with the opportunity to participate in a global “bridge year” between high school and college.

Ann Berry, one of the event organizers and a former Harvard Business School classmate of GCY founder Abby Falik, declared the event a great success: “Despite the weather and the challenging economic environment, we had a fantastic turnout and were able to raise an impressive amount for GCY.”

Any New Yorkers interested in taking part in the New York Chapter’s next event should contact: