Nike Foundation & Global Citizen Year Partner to Accelerate the Girl Effect

Today, Global Citizen Year joins a growing movement of individuals and organizations who understand that investing in girls is the most powerful – and lasting – way to reduce poverty across generations.

We are excited to announce that Global Citizen Year and the Nike Foundation are partnering to accelerate the Girl Effect.

With generous support from the Nike Foundation, GCY Fellows will be trained to support and learn from girls in their host communities, and to share their stories with audiences across America.

Additionally, through local partnerships with organizations like CARE and Millennium Village Projects, we will help ensure that our Fellows have a positive impact on the lives of the girls and women in their communities.

Some of our Fellows are already working on girl-related projects, and their first-hand accounts are a strong testament to the potential for our Fellows to help unleash the Girl Effect.

–> Check out Chloe Bobar’s apprenticeship in maternity wards with CARE Ecuador

–> Read about Madeleine Balchan’s work with Tostan, an innovative human rights organization in Senegal

Through our partnership with the Nike Foundation, we are helping to ensure that every girl – regardless of where she is born – has the opportunity to reach her fullest potential.

Will you help us build the movement to empower girls and women?  We’d love to hear from you.  Please leave a comment below, or email to get involved.

The clock is ticking. You’ll know what we mean when you watch the video…