Forbes Feature: 3 Ways Colleges Can Build a Bridge for Future Leaders

The 21st century poses looming challenges that will surely tax the talents of our future leaders across business, government and civil society. And since the quality of tomorrow’s leadership is tied to the quality of today’s education system, there is good reason for concern.

  • Graduating high schoolers are entering college underprepared, or so over-prepared by the high-pressure race to “get in” that they’re burned out by the time they step foot on campus.
  • Families, burdened by the high price of college, are questioning their return on investment.
  • Colleges and universities are faced with very real concerns about drop-out rates—which are higher in America than anywhere else in the developed world.

These realities speak to underlying concerns about cost, access, relevance, and the quality of learning. It is important to take a step back and ask, “What do today’s students need to know, and how do we re-design the system around THAT?” If key ingredients of success in a global economy include self-awareness, cross-cultural perspectives, personal grit, and an entrepreneurial mindset, how should that shift our thinking about what else young people need to learn—and the way they learn it?