Days 3 and 4 – Outward Bound

Day 3

The day began with a low ropes course designed to bring the Fellows together to overcome obstacles through teamwork.  The Fellows worked as a cohesive unit as they hoisted each other over walls and balanced one another on thin planks.

In the afternoon the Fellows moved to the high ropes course, which had more of an individual focus.  With support from below, each Fellow dared to cross the high elevation cables.  As you can well imagine, this can be quite the challenge for some. (I was absent on this day for a reason)

Day 4 included a variety of games and exercises that shed light on some of the key leadership challenges the Fellows will face as individuals and as a group in country – trust, communication, openness, leadership, decision-making, etc.

One of the activities left the Fellows to solve a puzzle while blind-folded, which focused their attention on the importance of communication and coordination. Another challenged the Fellows to physically rely on the other Fellows to support them as each person had to reach out of a small circle to snag their goals (which were balled up about 6ft outside).

Check out the photos below!

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