Ask your questions: Q&A Session Wednesday, February 16th

Update: Thanks to everyone who joined the Q&A today! The session was recorded here for those who were not able to attend or who would like to review any of the answers given (please note that there will be a short ad before the video starts!)

Attention current applicants and interested students! As our March 1st deadline quickly approaches, we know many of you have questions about the application, the admissions process, and the Global Citizen Year program itself.  Chances are your parents do too, so mark your calendars: next Wednesday, February 16th, Global Citizen Year will be hosting a live Q&A discussion to address any and all questions that you and your parents might have.

We will stream the conversation live from San Francisco on the blog using USTREAM, so all you have to do is check back here and join in!

Video streaming by Ustream


  • Time: Wednesday, February 16th @ 5:00pm (PDT)/ 8:00pm (EDT)

Sign up below, and feel free to email your question in advance to Question received so far include:

When will I be leaving?
Who will I be going with?
What will summer fundraising entail?
Whats the best advise you can give me for this experience?
What does it take to qualify?
How are GCY host families chosen?
How are the country locations chosen for each year?
What is the daily routine of a GCY fellow like?
How does a GCY fellow receive medical care, if needed?

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