April 24, 2013– Global Citizen Year announced today that the Arnhold Foundation has made a $1.25 million commitment to advance its mission to build the next generation of global leaders through an immersive bridge year in the developing world.

“Global Citizen Year is building a movement to ensure that America’s future leaders have the empathy and cross-cultural understanding required in today’s complex, global world. ” said John Arnhold, of the Arnhold Foundation. “The organization has made tremendous progress in its short history, and has now developed a compelling blueprint to transform education in America and so many lives along the way.”

“We are deeply honored, and truly grateful, to receive this generous gift from such an extraordinary family,” said Abby Falik, founder and CEO of Global Citizen Year. “It is a game-changer for our young organization.”

To make its program accessible to emerging leaders from across the socio-economic spectrum, Global Citizen Year provides generous need-based financial aid.  To date, over 80% of Global Citizen Year fellows have received some level of aid. The Arnhold Foundation gift enables access for high potential, low-income fellows who would not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in this transformative experience.

The Arnholds are longtime supporters of education, conservation and the arts through the Arnhold Foundation. They were also involved in supporting Global Citizen Year with a seed grant in 2008 through their leadership of the Mulago Foundation. This gift from the Arnhold Foundation represents a significant contribution toward Global Citizen Year’s $7 million growth fund.


About Global Citizen Year

Global Citizen Year ( is a non-profit, social enterprise that is forging a new educational pathway for America’s emerging leaders.  By immersing a diverse corps of fellows in developing countries during a bridge year after high school, Global Citizen Year is preparing a new generation for success in college, careers and our global economy. Beyond it’s core program, Global Citizen Year partners with colleges and the media to ensure that the bridge year becomes a common expectation and opportunity—transforming education and unleashing the potential of our next generation as social innovators and global citizens.


Press contact:

Noam Unger, Vice President, Partnerships and External Affairs