The Trailblazer

Conformity? No thanks. You’ve never been one for following the crowd.

You’re stepping off the conveyor belt from high school to college and forging your own path.

During your gap year you’ll seek out unique opportunities in your community – learn an indigenous language, pick up samba, or advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.

You might not have your whole life mapped out, but choosing your own adventure is half the fun!

During your gap year you’ll discover new interests and passions that can help give you new direction for college.

Live life to the fullest

Maybe like Ariel Vardy (Senegal ’14, University of Washington) you’ll live life to the fullest in Senegal – starting a bakery, harvesting honey, and immersing in the local culture. At college, Ariel continued exploring, questioning, and immersing, by daring to try new things like circus arts, joining a gospel choir, and teaching philosophy to kids. Now he’s joining Teach For America.

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Find a new sense of purpose and direction

Maybe, like Alana Poole (India ’16, Tsukuba University), you’ll find new clarity during your bridge year about what your next steps should be. During her gap year in India, Alana decided to change her college plans and is now studying at Tsukuba University in Japan where she’s connecting with her heritage.

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