The Connector

You’re a people person and can’t help but make friends wherever you go.

Before you know it, your cohort of Fellows will develop inseparable bonds and inside jokes. In your host community you’ll form friendships with the little kids in your neighborhood, your host grandma, your co-workers, even the local street vendors.

After returning you’ll organize reunions for your fellow Fellows, return to your host community for the summer, and regularly whatsapp your host family.

The connections you make during your bridge year will last a lifetime.



Find old friends and new purpose.

Maybe, like Henry Duerr (Ecuador ’17, Hobart and William Smith Colleges), you’ll find old friends and new purpose from the first week of training that will last throughout your bridge year and the years to come.


Join a lifelong network of changemakers.

Maybe, like Charlotte Kaufman (Ecuador ‘14, Wellesley College), you’ll decide after your bridge year to go on a cross-country road trip with your Ecuadorian boyfriend, collecting stories of people you meet, and visiting fellow alumni along the way!


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