The Entrepreneur

You’ve got a knack for thinking up new projects and bringing them to life. You dream big and make things happen.

You’ll take full advantage of the independence on your gap year to help develop new initiatives in your host community. And after your gap year, you’ll be equipped with the real-world experience and entrepreneurial know-how to take on even bigger projects.

It's clear you're going places. A Global Citizen Year can help you get there.

Stories from Global Citizen Year Fellows like you!

Contribute to solar energy solutions.

Maybe, like Nic Freschi (Ecuador ‘12, College of New Jersey), you’ll be inspired after your gap year to launch your own award winning solar energy technology startup.

Fight food insecurity and malnutrition.

Maybe, like Alex Ding (Senegal ‘14, UChicago), you’ll help fight food insecurity and malnutrition by starting a community garden. You might even later win the Davis Peace Prize to go back to your community and expand this project.