Your host grandma!

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After several decades on this planet, your host grandma has seen it all and has some incredible stories to tell.

There is no better way to learn about the local culture and history than hanging out with your host grandma over a hot cup of tea.

The two of you love to pass the evening chatting while she helps you master how to shell peanuts, weave baskets, and make the perfect soup.

Meet Emma and Thama

“Thama treated me as if I was her own granddaughter. We couldn’t communicate very fluently; nevertheless, between a few English phrases, some broken Hindi, and a lot of laughter, we understood each other just fine. Her compassion never ceased to amaze me. Her strength and dignity inspired me. I feel so incredibly blessed to have been accepted by her with a loving heart and open arms.”


– Emma Sexton (India ’17, Colorado State University)


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