Your coworker!

Your coworker is a friend, mentor, and cultural guide all rolled into one!

At your apprenticeship you two hit it off from the start. You have a shared passion for the work you’re doing — whether that’s teaching English together at the local school, building surfboards out of recycled materials, or tending to a sustainable community farm.

Your coworker not only shows you the ropes at your apprenticeship, but also introduces you to be best places to hang out after work and widens your circle of friends in the community.

Over cups of coffee you guys love to “talk shop” — discussing lesson plans or what crops to plant next — and also delve into heated discussions about everything from cultural traditions to the latest movies.

Stories of Fellows and their Coworkers

Meet India Fellows and their mentors at work!

Jordan Brett (India ’15, University of St. Andrews) and other India Fellows express their gratitude to their co-teachers they taught alongside at Teach For India in this video.

Video: See what the India Fellows say about their coworkers at Teach For India