A Day in the Life: Thomas

Get a glimpse of life as a Global Citizen Year Fellow, where no two days are ever the same.

Hey, I'm Thomas.

I’m from Silver Spring, Maryland and I am spending my Global Citizen Year in Ecuador where I get to work at the hospital and at an indigenous museum. Next year I’ll be going to Morehouse College. Here’s a look into my daily life in Ecuador. Hopefully you guys will see the beauty of my city that I see!

Thomas Cruz
8:00 am
Thomas Cruz - host mom


This is my amazing host mom! Every morning, she calls me to “desayunar” (eat breakfast). Breakfast usually consists of fresh bread from the panadería and fresh squeezed lemonade.

9:00 am
Thomas Cruz - health apprenticeship ecuador

Apprenticeship at Hospital

Most days I work at the hospital from nine to four. I observe and assist in the birthing rooms alongside the obstetrician, gynecologists, midwife, and nurses. The obstetrician is my supervisor and she's teaching me so much. My days at the hospital are fun and enlightening.

1:00 pm
Thomas Cruz - Host grandma

Lunch with my host grandma

Today I left the hospital early to help my abuela have lunch. While sitting and eating with her, she tells the best stories. And, the best part is that she speaks only kichwa; I know barely any kichwa so I just sit there, listen to her, and use my imagination.

3:00 pm
Thomas Cruz - weaving

Lead tours at Indigenous Museum

My family runs a museum about the history of the indigenous culture of Otavalo. I help lead tours and demonstrate traditional weaving on a loom. With this machine, I make the material for sweaters. I’ve already made 4!

5:00 pm
Thomas Cruz - ceremony

Demonstrate Indigenous Ceremony

I help my host dad and host brother demonstrate to the museum visitors the traditional games that are played at the Kichwa funeral ceremonies.

9:00 pm
Thomas Cruz - quinoa soup

Family Dinner

My family walks home from the museum together. After some stargazing on the terrace, we all have dinner together. Tonight we're having quinoa soup.

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