A Day in the Life: Mel

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Hello! This is Mel

I'm from Austin, Texas in the USA and I'm attending the Academy as a senior in high school! I decided to join the academy because it seemed like a fantastic way to not only connect with people around the world but to discuss important social issues- exploring what makes a good leader and a positive change in our society. The Academy has more than met my expectations. Everyone I've met is truly passionate about our planet from the instructors to my peers, and as students we are all so different yet share this common interest in cultivating positive change.

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Mel 7:00am

Eat Ideal Protein Pancakes for Breakfast!

Eating pancakes for breakfast is the BEST way to start the day! Not only do they fuel me up, but adding some chocolate chips in the mix is the icing on the cake!

Mel 9:00am

Soccer Practice

Practice makes permanent- at least that's what my coach says! Everyday my varsity soccer team and I practice for 2 hours in order to make it to the State championships. This year, we've played and one over 26 games and are going to state!! Exercise is so important, and the Academy has really been a wonderful tool to understand the different personalities of the girls on my team!

12:00 noon
Mel 12:00 noon

Lunch & Pre-Class Work

Right around lunch time, I make myself some pasta and veggies before settling in for some insightful TED talks and podcasts for our pre-class work! I love our pre-class work because there's always something new to explore and conceptualize!

Mel - 1:00pm

Calculus for High School

I go to calculus with a bunch of really smart, amazing people! As someone who is not a real mathy person, I'm so thankful for the collaborative helpful environment that really turns my class into a group of friends over a group of just students!

Mel - 3:00pm

Connect with the Academy's EdX Club

Through the Global Citizen Year Academy I've met some fantastic individuals who have come together to submit a proposal for the TedX challenge! By analyzing root causes and figuring out solutions, we are building some really amazing concepts to help educate and empower humanity!

Mel - 6:00pm

Academy Learning Group!

At 6pm is when the fun begins with learning groups! I have the honor of being in Hector's class which is really wonderful because our class is so open to new ideas, open to learning, and open to discussing all sorts of interesting topics on self, community, society, and how we all intertwine! This class has been the highlight of my days and I am just so thankful for my Global Citizen Year Academy community!

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