How Self Improvement Can Change Your Life

We are in the age of self improvement. There are hundreds of self help books being published each year, most of which you can find on The New York Times “Best Sellers List”. People are eating healthier, exercising more, and overall, trying to live a better life.

By focusing on your own self betterment, you are slowly changing how you see the world around you. Remember the old adage that change starts within. By bettering yourself, you can grow to become more compassionate, empathetic, loving, and have a more positive impact on society.

How Self Improvement Can Change Your Life

What is Self Improvement?

There’s a lot of buzz about self improvement but many may not understand the concept. According to The Emotion Machine, self improvement is “...the study and practice of improving one’s life, especially our career, education, relationships, health, happiness, productivity, spirituality, and other personal goals.” In a simpler context, self growth is about taking steps to improve yourself, and your relationship with yourself.

So why is focusing on yourself so important? Well, as we mentioned before, change starts within. How you feel about yourself filters your perception of the world. We tend to project our thoughts and feelings. If you are frustrated, annoyed, and believe everyone is out to get you, it will manifest through your actions. Consequently, what was once an illusion of fear becomes your reality. But, if you were to learn how to better yourself, and adopt the traits of self improvement your life will become healthier and more positive.

Self-improvement can be tough. Not everyone can be a self-improvement guru, so we’ve decided to compile a list of techniques you can use to improve your life. Use it to how you see fit. Good luck on your journey!

Become More Compassionate

We are quick to shame ourselves when we make mistakes or don’t live up to our own expectations. Try being more compassionate with yourself! By being compassionate you are accepting your faults and mistakes. Did you know that mistakes are our greatest teachers? Try seeing your “failure” as an opportunity to have a clean slate and build from it.

Compassion not only gives you the space to accept your own mistakes but others’ as well. We are all human. We do not always make the right decisions. But, if we are capable of accepting our own mistakes, we can be more empathetic and accepting of those made by others. Your compassion and empathy can turn a very difficult situation around.

The Power of Optimism

Having a positive outlook enhances your chances of success. With positive thinking, you are putting trust into your own skills and abilities. Your hope gives you the needed momentum to work towards your goal. By being optimistic you are also giving others hope. Hope is what keeps people going during tough times. At the end, the hard work pays off. So, try looking at the brighter sides of things. Your optimism can be the catalyst for change!

Learn to Love Yourself

In order to spread love, we must first love ourselves. Loving yourself can take on many forms. Whether your self-love takes the form of meditating, exercising or spending time with your loved ones, you are unintentionally acquiring the tools needed to make effective change in others’ lives. What tools you ask? Love, generosity, kindness and empathy. These qualities are the driving force for positive personal change.