Gap Year Options

You want to take a gap year between high school and college, but what are your options?

You could spend a year backpacking and see the world.

Maybe do some community work and boost your resumé.

Perhaps take on an internship to learn new skills or earn college credit.

Or, you could spend that time with Global Citizen Year and accomplish all three — along with much, much more.


Not a Gap Year. A Global Citizen Year.

We don’t like to call it a “gap year.” By definition, a gap is a void or an emptiness that needs to be filled. Instead, we like to call it a “bridge year” because it helps you transition from one life stage to the next. Expand your path with Global Citizen Year, and imagine spending your year:

  • Fully immersing yourself in a different culture
  • Forging friendships that last a lifetime
  • Learning a new language
  • Picking up a new trade or life skill
  • Growing as an individual
  • Developing leadership skills and self awareness
  • Enhancing your employment prospects
  • Preparing for college


Where can I go?

We currently have programs in Brazil,  India and Ecuador, and will soon be expanding to other parts of the world.


Where will I live?

Our Fellows live with host families during their year abroad. You’ll be fully immersed in the local culture while living and working alongside the local residents.


What will I do?

You’ll be partnered with a local organization in the education, environmental conservation, agriculture, social enterprise, or public health sector and will take on a special project on their behalf. You can even partner with a college to earn course credits during your bridge year.


How can I afford it?

Over 80% of our Fellows take advantage of our financial aid opportunities, and nearly a third receive 100% funding.

A bridge year with Global Citizen Year is a way to explore the world — and yourself — all while preparing for the next phase in life. You’ll build, grit, confidence, global citizenship and trade skills that will stay with you forever. You’ll have the adventure of a lifetime with other people your age aiming to do the very same thing.

Ready to apply? Take the first step and check out the application. Not quite sure yet? Request more information about Global Citizen Year today.


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