Expand Your World With a Bridge Year Program

If you’re looking for a bridge year program, you already have the first quality we look for in a candidate: an eagerness to spend one of the biggest years of your life doing something incredible.

Global Citizen Year is a bridge year program for students transitioning from high school to college. And the experience is something that no high school or college classroom could ever replicate.



Take The Bridge Less Traveled

When you choose Global Citizen Year as your gap year program, you’re choosing to live, work and play in another country, and do things you never knew you could.


You’ll immerse yourself in another culture.

You’ll spend eight months living with a local host family. You’ll eat the food, learn the customs, play the games and speak the language. You’ll participate in service and become a student of another culture. All host families are carefully selected and trained by Global Citizen Year staff. This bridge year program is not a passive experience, whether you’re playing in a sports league or learning a local dance – you’ll be an active participant in local activities and part of the community. In today’s growingly global society, this experience is absolutely invaluable.


You’ll do things that matter.

You’ll partner with a local organization in either the education, environmental conservation, agriculture, social enterprise or public health sectors. Your bridge year will include service programs where you will work alongside the locals. You’ll learn about the industry and acquire real life skills and experience that can later help you take on a career. You’ll work alongside the community members, and you’ll be able to take pride in knowing you were part of something bigger.


You’ll grow more in eight months than you did in 18 years.

You’ll learn more about the real world — and about yourself — than you ever could in a classroom. Acquire leadership skills. Develop your global citizenship. Prepare for college. Explore your entrepreneurial side. Sharpen your social skills. Improve your self-awareness. Dust off the grit, curiosity and sense of adventure that’s lying underneath. The benefits of engaging in a bridge year program are no secret.


You’ll make friends that last a lifetime.

By joining Global Citizen’s bridge year, you’re joining a group of likeminded people your own age, and forging friendships that will last a lifetime. These are people who share similar interests and values: a desire to serve, a student of life mindset that comes with a curious nature about the world. Your relationships will perpetuate through university and beyond. What could be better than spending this important time with people you’ll value forever?

If you think you have what it takes to be a Global Citizen Year Fellow, take the next step by requesting more information. Expand your world and learn more about the bridge year program application and process.


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