The Best Volunteer Abroad Programs For High School Students

With all the programs out there for students in high school to volunteer abroad, how do you choose what's best?

The best programs are the ones that provide students like you with life changing experiences that have an impact. Global Citizen Year encourages students to think big and do something different after high school and before college. That year is all about incredible experiences and growing as an individual.

An Opportunity for Students Finishing High School to Volunteer Abroad

An Opportunity for Students Finishing High School to Volunteer Abroad

Global Citizen Year offers students transitioning from high school to college the chance to:

Spend extended time in a new country.

Many volunteer abroad programs are only a couple weeks or maybe a couple months. With Global Citizen Year, you'll spend eight full months abroad. Research shows extended travel time can have a beneficial impact on one's personal growth and overall conscientiousness.

Do more than volunteer.

To volunteer abroad in high school is self-satisfying, but it often fails to teach new skills. Global Citizen Year allows you to partner with a local organization and gain real work experience while developing the intangible traits every student needs — drive, curiosity and grit.

Earn college credits.

Unlike many high school volunteer abroad programs, you can earn college credits with Global Citizen Year while working outside of a classroom setting.

Live with local residents.

With Global Citizen Year, you'll live with a local host family that has been closely screened and trained by our staff. There's no better way to become part of the community than by living in the community!

Acquire the necessary preparation.

All of our Fellows go through extended training prior to their departure. This time allows fellows to familiarize themselves with the country, culture and current events. You can feel secure in knowing you'll be thoroughly prepared for your new adventure before jumping in.

Create a project.

Global Citizen Year Fellows maintain a blog and are encouraged to document their time through posting photos and videos. The year culminates in an opportunity to share your story with the host organization and home community capturing your experience.

Make lifelong friends.

What better way to make lifelong friends than by embarking on a life-changing journey together? Global Citizen year gives you that chance, and makes sure you're ready for the road ahead. Before you leave, and during your nine months abroad, you'll find support and friendship from Fellows your age who are facing similar joys, challenges, and experiences.

To learn more about the Global Citizen Year experience, read some of the blogs posted by our Fellows. If you're ready to pursue a Fellowship with Global Citizen Year, take the first step and request more information.

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