Program Coordinator Intern (For Alumni / June - Oct)

This is your chance to help prepare Fellows for their transformative experience, return to your host country, and reconnect with Global Citizen Year and your gap year experience as a Program Coordinator Intern!

The Global Citizen Year Programs Team exists to create the platform for a unique, immersive and transformative learning experience for all Fellows. As Program Coordinator Intern, you will spend 4-6 months participating in all aspects of Program Launch (formerly Pre-Departure Training and In-Country Orientation) both in the US Office and abroad. From curating content for sessions, brushing up on your facilitation skills, and lending an ear to Fellows looking to vent about homesickness, you will be an integral member of the Global Citizen Year team, learning how the magic happens behind the scenes.


Pre-Departure Campaign and Global Launch

Be a logistics guru for the 2019-20 Fellows. Now that you’re a savvy world traveler, you’re jazzed about making sure that all our incoming Fellows have their passports, visas, and other travel documentation in time for their August departure. For many Fellows, this will be the first time leaving the country (or even the state!) so it’s super important for you to:

  • Track and report on the Pre-Departure Campaign status for all Fellows

  • Schedule and email regular reminders to Fellows to ensure they submit their travel preparation materials on time; Make phone call reminders as necessary

  • Support the visa application process for Fellows

  • Coordinate transportation and domestic accommodations for Fellows

  • Participate in key leadership development training in preparation to facilitate, coach, mentor, and supervise fellows throughout Global Launch

  • Coordinate and execute fun events that contribute to the “special sauce” of Global Citizen Year trainings

  • Plan and facilitate sessions that support fellow readiness for immersion

  • As a member of the Global Launch Alumni Leadership Team, ensure the smooth execution of a successful Global Launch, including planning and facilitating alumni-led sessions, providing logistical support for other sessions, liaising with invited speakers, and coaching and supervising fellows

Country Launch & Learning Block 1

Help guide and support fellows while gaining professional work experience.

During your time with the in-country team you will provide administrative, facilitation and logistical support to your colleagues. This internship will challenge you to blend your academic experience with your reflections on your Global Citizen Year to foster a positive learning and working environment. As an alum, you will offer insight and perspective to Fellows and staff during the first few weeks of the program in country.

Your time as a Program Coordinator Intern will be supported by a mentor who will supervise your work, give you direction, and provide feedback for your professional development. In addition, you will have the opportunity to plan and execute a unique project that will help increase the program’s sustainability in the country/region.

Your duties and responsibilities will include:

  • Participate in introductory and planning calls with your supervisor and the in-country team

  • Work to uphold positive group dynamics by modeling Global Citizen Behavior

  • Collaborate with the country team to implement Global Citizen Year’s curriculum at retreats, reconnects and learning seminars

  • Support Team Leaders as they mentor and coach Fellows through personal growth experiences. You will use your Global Citizen Year to validate Fellows’ experiences as well as to provide perspective to their learning process

  • Familiarize yourself with the Health and Safety policies and abide by Global Citizen Year’s protocols

  • Support in-country staff with operations and logistics. This includes, but is not limited to, doctor’s visits, partner support, event preparations and administrative work

  • Develop and execute a project specific to the needs and context of the country/region, in collaboration with your supervisor; Your aim is to develop a sustainable initiative that lives beyond your experience as a PCI

  • Provide constructive feedback for further program and curriculum development

Mindset & Qualifications

Responsible role model and culture builder

Your role will be to maintain professionalism and demonstrate the leadership skills and attitudes that Fellows will need throughout the program cycle.

Effective communicator with strong people skills

You’re an exceptional communicator who presents information (written and verbal) with clarity and precision. You have a willingness to express your professional opinions while considering your personal feelings and the feelings of your colleagues. You are also collaborative, responsive and timely.

Flexible and resourceful

You’re comfortable with ambiguity, open-ended instructions and are able to hold yourself accountable. You’re able to shift priorities, troubleshoot, and problem-solve independently when needed.

Reflective and thoughtfu

You’ve had the time and space to reflect on your Global Citizen Year experience, and now with a few years under your belt, you can communicate to Fellows about your learnings in an authentic, compelling, and responsible way.


You have a natural aptitude to motivate and energize Fellows in a variety of settings and situations.


You’re highly aware of the customer experience and committed to excellent of the charts customer service

Country Specific Qualifications


  • Intermediate or higher proficiency in Portuguese

  • Applicants must be alumni from the 2016-2017 or earlier cohort


  • Intermediate or higher proficiency in Spanish

  • Applicants must be alumni from the 2016-2017 or earlier cohort


  • All India Alumni

  • Applicants must be alumni from the 2017-2018 or earlier cohort


  • Intermediate or higher proficiency in Wolof and/or French

  • Applicants must be alumni from the 2016-2017 or earlier cohort

Position Details


$2000/month while in the Oakland office. In-country compensation varies by country. Additionally, Global Citizen Year will cover your round-trip international airfare from Oakland to your host-country and in-country work-related expenses.

Time Commitment and Dates

4 - 6 months, starting on June 1, 2019. Some flexibility in start date is possible for alums with school schedule conflicts. This role has a flexible end date dependent on the applicant’s interest in participating in a country-specific project.


  • US portion: Global Citizen Year office – 1625 Clay St. Suite 400, Oakland CA

  • In-country portion: Brazil, Ecuador, India, or Senegal (exact location TBD)

Application Details

To apply, submit the following materials online:

  • Resume

  • Cover letter

  • A 2-3 minute video introducing yourself and describing why you are interested in the role of Program Coordinator Intern in your former host country

  • A 1-page draft of a proposed Program Launch Session

Deadline: Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Final deadline to apply is March 1, 2019.

Please submit your resume and cover letter using this link

Global Citizen Year is an equal opportunity employer, and we strive for our staff to reflect the diverse community we serve. Applicants who contribute to this diversity are strongly encouraged to apply.

Apply for Program Coordinator Intern (For Alumni / June - Oct)