India Health & Safety Manager

Reporting to the local Country Director, supporting Team Leaders, and working closely with the Global Health & Safety Team, the Health and Safety Manager will play a key role developing systems for and supporting partnerships incident response, risk management (RM), and risk awareness in key program activities (apprenticeships, homestays, training seminars,). The HSM should lead the application and adaptation of risk management and emergency response global systems to the operating context, and support coaching and training for stakeholders to effectively carry out risk management responsibilities to meet expectations.

When Fellows are in-country (September - April), the Health and Safety Manager will provide critical support to Staff and Fellows in responding to and managing incidents, communicating with families, and applying lessons learned from incidents/trends throughout the Program Cycle. The HSM will also work on all government related safety aspects that concern fellows, registering them in country, working closely with the Foreign Registration Office and the local police. The HSM for year one will spearhead the registering of the India office along with the CD.

The HSM will also carry a 24/7 cell phone (on rotation with other staff) and will manage the in-country Emergency Hotline system. Given the uncertain nature of incidents, the HSM must be able to periodically work long hours and during non-traditional times (evenings, nights, weekends, holidays).

Depending on the staff structure in-country, the needs of the in-country program resources and growth areas, the HSM may also have other roles and responsibilities, such as serving as a temporary Team Leader (short-term basis in the event a TL is unavailable), leading trainings, site development oversight and/or other administrative staff duties.

Candidate Profile

The India Health & Safety Manager is someone who...

Believes in the value of a strong risk management system because you have been a part of other strong risk management systems and cultures. You have participated directly in the creation of robust risk systems, and you’re eager to bring that feeling and your expertise to Global Citizen Year.

Is looking for a job that taps into your personal leadership potential. You’re thirsty to work with an organization that gives you significant responsibility and training that will help you move toward becoming the leader and professional you want to be in this world.

Is energized when put in your “stretch zone”. You’re up for a challenge. You’re eager to learn. You enjoy working hard and are willing to do what it takes to get the job done. You want feedback. You want to be held to high standards of professionalism and performance.

Is entrepreneurial, adaptable, and enjoy working independently and as part of a team. You are a skilled problem solver and self-starter. You are driven to find answers and thrive in ever-changing conditions. You like forging your own path and working independently while ensuring your work is of benefit to others.



Co-develop (in collaboration with Country Director and global RM team), adapt, and co-implement country-specific risk management training modules for stakeholders and provide timely incident-specific coaching for staff and Fellows.

  • Stakeholders include: Staff, Fellows, Fellows’ Families, Host Families, Apprenticeship Hosts, Local Advisors and Language Teachers.
  • The HSM will serve as a “trainer of trainers” in preparing and organizing necessary training/documents/equipment/supplies for all local stakeholders and staff.
  • Responsible for identifying gaps/needs within each Cohort cycle, sharing health and security updates on a timely basis and addressing trends at Regional Reconnects and Training Seminars
  • Co-develop Partner Training modules and documents in collaboration with CD and TLs

Health & Safety Systems

Co-develop, and when appropriate adapt, Global Risk Management strategies, to serve in-country context.

  • Support systems and strengthen the overall Global Risk Management strategies
  • Spearheading the setting up of the local India Office via section 8 regulations as well as applying for FCRA status. Working closely with the CD.
  • Developing robust scalable systems for FRO registration
  • Manage the Emergency Hotline system
  • Lead in-country liaison with Global Citizen Year’s international insurance provider
  • Oversee and support the in-country Incident Reporting System
  • Research and recommend Country-specific Field Protocols which consider risks and management strategies: ie terrorism, political disputes, regional flooding areas, etc
  • Incident response management systems: Co-develop templates and protocols for incident response work plans, assigning roles and responsibilities for emergency response, and post-incident debriefs and knowledge management.
  • Streamline data collection and analysis on in-country incidents (from Salesforce-based Incident Reporting System) to inform quarterly RM dashboard for in-country Program.
  • Provide recommendations for adaptations to RM systems and protocols based on conclusions from incident data analysis.
  • Understand and help to uphold policies, protocols, and guidelines, as well as tools associated with RM, i.e. Community Mapping Tool, Site Selection Criteria, Emergency Response Plan, etc
  • Lead Site Development, Site Selection Criteria verification and support TLs with any Host Family or Apprenticeship changes
  • Co-Create Field Practices and Protocols for the program cycle and GCY events: Training Seminars, Regional Reconnects, and Partners’ Trainings
  • Support the Country Director in building & liaising with In-Country RM networks, i.e. the US Embassy, Peace Corps, the Red Cross, USAID, peer organizations, and other relevant government and non-governmental organizations.

Emergency Response

Under the supervision of, and in direct coordination with, the Country Director, the HSM will support in-country staff in Emergency response. Key activities include:

  • When on emergency hotline duty, carry a 24/7 cell phone and remain within cell service at all times
  • Develop systems to support Fellows and Team Leaders in hospital/clinic visits, including the possibility of periodically fulfilling this function (sometimes overnight) during major incidents
  • TL coaching and support around decision making, response, and incident reporting, as needed
  • Fellow stakeholder communications: Direct communication (phone, email, Skype) with Fellows’ families at home, local host families and local partners during minor and moderate incident response
  • Co-manage national-level relationships with key risk management stakeholders involved in emergency response: US team, health care professionals and insurance provider
  • Support TLs in providing response and care to Fellows, as needed. This may include supporting the team in overnight stays at hospitals and travel within regions that Global Citizen Year operates. For moderate and major emergencies, the HSM may need to travel to onsite location and support response.
  • Keep Country Director informed of relevant information related to ongoing emergencies and proactively involve Country Director for critical decision making.

Minimum Qualifications

The India Health & Safety Manager should have the following skills...

  • Fluent in English, Hindi Telgu OR Marathi
  • Position is based in Hyderabad with regular travel (sometimes overnight) around operating areas
  • WFR (Wilderness First Responder) level certification and/or advanced training in risk management applicable to the program in association with a current WFA (Wilderness First Aid) certification
  • 2+ years experience as a teacher/role model for young adults
  • 5 years or senior level experience leading a project, establishing systems and delivering on high level goals
  • Proven ability to work within a team
  • Proven ability to apply systems thinking to risk management
  • Proven ability to work under stressful conditions during time-sensitive incident response
  • Working knowledge of operating country, regions and local communities
  • Mission-driven: Demonstrated commitment to the mission and vision of Global Citizen Year.
  • Exceptional cross-cultural communicator: Able to connect and communicate effectively with a diverse range of geographically dispersed individuals (Fellows, Staff, Parents, etc.); High energy, an empathetic listener, and inspires confidence and calm under pressure. Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.
  • Systematic and detail-oriented: Able to document and organize information quickly and systematically, with an eye for detail without losing sight of the bigger picture.
  • International program experience: Direct personal experience participating in and, ideally, leading education programs abroad. Preference given to candidates with an understanding of Global Citizen Year operating areas (Ecuador, Senegal, Brazil, and India).
  • IT systems capabilities: Salesforce, Microsoft Office, Google Apps,

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