Director of Admissions

About this role

The Director of Admissions will work in concert with the growth team to lead the strategy and execution around enrollment and admissions of students for Global Citizen Year programs. This team member will design and lead an admissions process to find, select and bring together the most promising young leaders of the next generation - individuals who will inspire change, and who represent the diversity of our world.

As the leader of the Admissions team, you will lead the admissions strategy. You will design the application process, oversee all operations, ensure we achieve our enrollment goals and shape each year’s distinct cohort of young leaders.

In addition to managing the internal admissions process, the Director of Admissions will play an essential external role in Global Citizen Year’s growth by identifying, engaging and ultimately enrolling mission-aligned students, families and partners.

Your Opportunity for Impact

Oversee the Admissions Process for Global Citizen Year Programs:

  • Develop the admissions vision and strategy; manage the pipeline from application start through to enrollment
  • Design admissions processes for Global Citizen Year programs that:
  • Inspire prospective students and families toward our greater mission
  • Select next generation leaders hungry to make positive change
  • Build a truly diverse and global cohort to maximize our impact in the world
  • Strike the balance of an applicant centric model and the need to be appropriately selective
  • Build and lead the Admissions team; incorporating an eager and engaged alumni body

Recruit students and families for Global Citizen Year Programs:

  • Effectively engage prospective students and families, creating opportunities for them to get to know and trust Global Citizen Year
  • Help shape and execute a global strategy to find and attract mission-aligned students, families and partners
  • Plan and execute high-quality events, online and in-person; represent Global Citizen Year’s programs as well as mission and vision for the world to build awareness and attract applicants. (Examples: Panels, Instagram Lives, Presentations)
  • Build relationships with networks, partner organizations, and other potential sources of students and families

Who will thrive in this role

We are looking for more than just hard skills; we want teammates who will add value to our organizational culture by bringing these mindsets to their work:

  • Analytical & Conceptual: You combine analysis with big picture thinking. You love diving into data to surface key insights and then zooming out to make necessary changes and adjustments to improve results.
  • Strategic Thinker: You anticipate and prepare for the future. You can operate both in the “now” and plan for the “eventual” without losing focus of either.
  • Personable & Persuasive: You’re someone everyone wants to talk to. You know how to hold a room and how to make each person feel like they have your attention 100%. You make people feel like they want to be part of what you’re doing.
  • Continuous Learner: You are always seeking to know more and looking for ways to improve your strategic abilities, management style, and opportunities for growth personally and professionally.
  • Connected to our mission: Something in your own life experience drives your passion for Global Citizen Year’s mission and vision.

The following skills are required:

  • 5+ years experience in an external-facing, people- and goal-oriented role such as sales, admissions, and/or development managing both strategy and execution
  • 2+ years experience managing a team
  • A record of achieving and exceeding ambitious goals, especially through growth and change
  • Demonstrated ability to use data to drive results and surface new opportunities.
  • Executive-level communication ability. Must be able to clearly and persuasively communicate both verbally and in writing with staff at all levels.
  • Experience with: Form Assembly (or other form tools), and Mailchimp
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Salesforce: Specific ability to create reports and dashboards as needed, manage pipelines
  • Personal commitment to diversity with a vision of what that means for student enrollment at an organization like Global Citizen Year - and how to achieve it

Bonus points if have/are:

  • In-depth understanding of enrollment strategies, admissions, and financial aid
  • Marketing or sales experience

Your Legacy

The Director of Admissions at Global Citizen Year will play a key role in shaping a critical mass of new leaders who will, in turn, shape our world.

Your stakeholders

These are the teammates you’ll be collaborating and engaging with most often


Molly Lister Weissman

Director of Growth & Innovation


Aparna Kothary

Director of Technology Operations


Gina Herrera Moreno

Digital Marketing Manager


Doug Bozick

Director, Finance & Operations

Ready to take the next step?

Learn more about the role, the team, and our organization by reviewing the position details below.

Global Citizen Year is an equal opportunity employer. We know a diverse team produces the best results and we believe our team should reflect the diversity of leadership we aim to inspire.

Applicants who contribute to this diversity are strongly encouraged to apply.