Alumni Class Ambassador Volunteer

Do you love connecting with other Global Citizen Year alumni – in person and online? Exciting things are coming in the world of GCY Alumni, and we want you to be a part of it!

2020 is the ten-year anniversary of Global Citizen Year. As part of this milestone, we are expanding our resources for alumni. This Spring Global Citizen Year will launch a new online platform exclusively for alumni to connect and engage with one another. During the weekend of October 31st, Global Citizen Year will host a special reunion for alumni to commemorate this 10-year anniversary.

Class Ambassadors will play a critical role in the launch of this online alumni community. Class Ambassadors will serve as a familiar and welcoming face to their cohort. Class Ambassadors will promote their cohort’s engagement and inclusion in the online community. They will promote alumni participation in the upcoming convening.

This is a volunteer opportunity with the Programs Team.

Position Details


  • Encourage fellow alumni in your cohort to activate their profiles
  • Comment on posts, contribute to forums, and post opportunities on the Alumni Hub to maintain a high level of engagement
  • Moderate content and ensure that all posts meet our standards of Global Citizen Behavior
  • Organize a local meet-up in your area over the summer to connect with other alumni
  • Promote the Alumni Convening and encourage attendance


  • Enthusiastic: you are excited about connecting with other Alumni and the benefits of an Alumni community
  • Charismatic: you are able to effectively communicate your enthusiasm to others and make them excited as well
  • Inclusive: you strive to include all alumni and are considerate of others
  • Culture-Builder: you create a welcoming culture on the website and garner momentum for the alumni convening
  • Responsible: you are a person of your word and can be counted on to follow through on tasks.

Time Frame & Location

Class Ambassadors will need to be active from mid March to the end of October, when the Alumni Convening takes place.

This work can be done from anywhere, but ideally you are in a location where you can meet up with other alumni in person.

You will be expected to engage with others on the alumni platform at least a few times a week, through posts, groups, events and forums.

If you enjoy your work as a Class Ambassador, there will be future opportunities to be a leader on the Alumni platform after the convening is over.

How to Apply

Please complete & submit the online application by March 23rd.

In your application, you will respond to the following questions:

  • What does the Global Citizen Year Alumni network mean to you? What do you envision it becoming?
  • Describe/write a sample post to get your fellow alumni engaged.

Apply for Alumni Class Ambassador Volunteer