Alumni Board Member

Global Citizen Year’s nearly 1,000 alumni are living proof of our program’s impact. Alumni possess unique experiences and perspectives, and it is important to us to invite those voices to the table. In 2015, Global Citizen Year for the first time created an alumni position on our Board of Directors to leverage that insight and accelerate the organization’s progress in strengthening its core fellowship and driving systems change in education. We are recruiting for the next alumni position!

We do not expect alumni to have previous board experience. Thus, we encourage you to read up on the basic responsibilities of nonprofit boards and the multitude of reasons to join a board. This is an opportunity to weigh in on Global Citizen Year’s high-level vision and direction, and we hope you will both learn and contribute to Global Citizen Year’s long-term success.

Board Overview & Expectations

What this board is

Global Citizen Year’s Board of Directors provides critical governance, oversight and leadership to the organization. As a member of the board, you will work with a small group (15 member maximum) of diverse individuals who share your passion for our mission (see bios of current members). With them, you will have an opportunity to contribute your experience, expertise, and unique point of view to help bring our ambitious vision to life. We are looking for alumni who finished by 2016 or before.

What this board is NOT

  • Not pure fundraising: While fundraising is critical to our ability to execute on our mission, this is not the sole role of the Board.
  • Not just figure-heads: Board membership is not an honorific – instead, we are building a network of do-ers who are willing to roll up their sleeves to get the job done.

Specific Responsibilities

Steering the Organization

  • Attend all Board meetings.
    • Four annual meetings: two by video-conference, and two in-person (alternating Bay Area and East Coast).
    • Global Citizen Year will cover all alumni costs associated with attending in-person board meetings (travel, accommodations, meals).
    • Additionally, we hope all Board members will make one trip to the field during his/her term.
  • Help develop and guide strategy for the organization.
  • Be an active contributor and lend your insights to one or more working groups (current working groups include: Nominating/Development, Finance, Audit, Program/Risk; other groups may convene as needed).
  • Conduct CEO performance evaluation and compensation review.
  • Monitor and evaluate organizational health and effectiveness.

Staying Informed & Responsive

  • Review materials in advance of meetings. All board members receive a ‘board pack’ a week before the meeting. Members are expected to read and digest the materials, and come to the meeting prepared to engage.
  • Be available to offer timely feedback.
  • Stay abreast of broader trends in the field. Be aware of what themes are surfacing in the larger conversation on bridge years, the educational landscape, and how this ties to our work.

Championing Our Cause

  • Represent the organization effectively in external contexts. Seize opportunities to actively promote our cause externally.
  • Recruit new allies: Board members, local champions, Fellows, strategic partners, universities, and media.

Generating Resources

  • Make a meaningful, annual gift (at a level that feels personally meaningful to you).
  • Identify new sources of revenue; help with introductions, meetings/events & follow-up. Leverage your network, connections, and relationships to help identify and develop resources.

Embodying Our Values

  • Demonstrate exceptional Global Citizen Behavior (GCB).
  • Believe in our mission and vision.
  • Practice curiosity before judgment.
  • Embrace challenges as opportunities.
  • Embrace the opportunities for leadership and growth that will be associated with this role.

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