Admissions Intern (For Alumni / Summer)

The Admissions Intern will report to the Admissions Manager and support a variety of initiatives focused on supporting prospective fellows throughout the Admissions process. This role will be responsible for cultivating alumni relationships, coordinating and leading outreach workshops, designing and implementing alumni trainings, and working with the growth team to innovate and explore new opportunities for outreach, marketing, and recruitment.

This is a great opportunity for an alum who is excited about building the gap year movement. The internship will include several projects to advance Global Citizen Year’s admissions strategy, and will provide a unique opportunity to gain valuable branding and marketing experience.


Admissions Partnerships

  • Design an outreach plan to engage Global Citizen Year alumni who want to be a part of the Admissions selection team (i.e. the awesome alums that interview prospective fellows)

  • Help organize and lead alumni selection team onboarding trainings, create training materials for selection team, assess the efficacy of current application and interview questions with focus groups, research metrics to assess whether application and interview questions match GCY learning outcomes


  • Develop short video clips to highlight and walk through each step of the application process (including videos explaining application questions, preparing prospective applicants to be successful in the interview, walking applicants through each application stage including FAQs for Financial Aid and Medical, etc.).

  • Media production tasks will include reaching out and recruiting alumni to be in videos, coordinating the execution of filming and editing videos (eg. iMovie), writing content for videos, and facilitating virtual focus group sessions

  • Producing podcasts that highlight a Global Citizen Year


  • Engage in focus group research with selection team members to determine the learning outcomes that each application and interview question measures (how are the questions being interpreted by 18 year olds, how are they being interpreted by selection team members)

  • Review applications and interview responses of 2017, 2018, and 2019 alumni that had “transformative experiences” to see if any trends emerge

  • Begin evaluation process of current application and interview rubrics for admissions

Mindset & Qualifications

Effective communicator with strong people skills

You’re an exceptional communicator who presents information (written and verbal) with clarity and attention to detail. You are proactive in updating colleagues on the status of your work and any changes to timelines.

Positive and professional attitude

You practice curiosity before judgment and give your colleagues the benefit of the doubt. You are collaborative and willing to pitch in on a variety of tasks. You consistently demonstrate good judgment AND a sense of humor.

Flexible and resourceful

You’re comfortable with ambiguity and are able to hold yourself accountable. You’re able to shift priorities, troubleshoot, and problem-solve independently when needed.

Growth mindset

You are eager to learn, experiment and expand your skill sets in new areas.


You like to think outside the box, and when presented with a challenge you are eager to find a new approach or solution.

Interested in Admissions

You are interested in learning more about the admissions process for an educational program, and want to develop the skills and mindsets that accompany an admissions related role. You are also interested in owning essential aspects of the admissions process.

Excited about Creating Video and Audio Content

You are excited to produce vlogs, short videos, podcasts, and highlighting the Global Citizen Year admissions process. This position will require some experience executing, filming, and editing video and or audio content.


Position Details

  • Time Frame: June 1st – Aug 30th (flexible for alums on quarter scheduling or who have earlier college move-in requirements).

  • Compensation: A stipend of $2000/month for the duration of the internship

  • Time Commitment: 40 hours/week

  • Location: Oakland Office – 1625 Clay St. Suite 400 Oakland CA

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