Zoe Rose Clarke

Zoe is passionate about preserving and creating beauty in the world. She is mostly invovled in serious journaling and doodling in her diary, but she also works on an artistic cookbook project at least once every two days. She believes in slow deliberate work as well as deadlines, because some projects could stretch on forever. Her goal for the year is to change the way in which she relates to others by focusing on loving those around her before they can decide their feelings for her. She also seeks to understand different ways of approaching life without assuming her goggles are the greatest lenses.


Sweet Sugar Water

First my host uncle bought some sugar cane. Then his sons and his wife scraped off the bark, stuck it through a hand crank machine, and his family and I watched as the liquid spurted into a pitcher. It was a pleasant afternoon. The juice was nice with some specks of rust. I was glad…

12 May, 2014

The Students of COMBEMI make a . . .

The citizenry teacher at COMBEMI decided to make a suspended garden with her 12-14 year old students during the fall semester of 2013. I was lucky enough to help the teacher and film the students throughout the process. There was always a bit of difficulty in motivating the students to work (I think the camera’s…

06 May, 2014

She Takes Care of the House in the Mornings

She cycles to work. Up the road Indaial, pedaling calmly. Once she arrived thirty minutes late, but every other day, she came just at the hour she was asked. Juicy has purple hair. If purple were a natural hair color, no one would doubt her hair was given at birth. The purple color appears to grow straight out of…

17 December, 2013

Check it Out!

The sounds of gunshots ring out across the land as I weep in my bedroom; I am frightened to live in this war zone. No not at all. That sound was just a firework. Itajaí, in truth, is a mostly wonderful safe city. I walk by myself and feel totally in control. The busy busy…

21 November, 2013

Just a Little Sugar and Butter

Cookies were a big part of my life back home. My mom lives in the kitchen, venturing out rarely to buy ingredients, exercise, and talk with her friends about food. For imageries sake, I will tell you that she is a nice looking lady with a strong body. She has made the same cookie recipe for all the years…

19 September, 2013

No More Kitten Filled Dreams

I like to dream. Not necessarily realistic dreams, but happy cushy ones where I am sitting on a couch in a dim flat in West Sussex with a few small grey kittens decorated with blue bows around their necks and drinking tea while speaking with Beatrix Potter as the rain pitters softly on the morning glories creeping up the…

19 July, 2013

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Zoe Rose Clarke