Zoe Barnes

Zoe is passionate about experiencing different cultures. She loves to make connections with people from a variety of backgrounds, both while traveling to different countries, and living in the diverse city of London. She is deeply involved in the El Hogar charity in Honduras, and enjoys running, dancing, playing piano, and hanging out with friends and family. Her goals for the year are to completely immerse herself in the Brazilian culture, to make the most of her internship, and to learn as much as she can from her host family.


An Homage to R3 Animal

Yesterday, April 1, was my last day working at R3 Animal. Yesterday, it hit me that this is the end. I’d be lying to say there weren’t numerous times throughout the past seven months I thought about the month of April, the month I’d be…

02 April, 2016

The arrow

Culture shock. Homesickness. Loneliness. Lingual incompetence. FOMO (fear of missing out). Just a few on the list of difficulties I should be prepared to face during my eight months in Brazil. It was no surprise when these topics were introduced in both orientation at Tufts…

04 December, 2015

New Settings

Exactly one week ago I left my temporary home in Curitiba. It was here where, athough I ultimately really enjoyed spending time with my host family, I experienced my first “low,” (clearly shown in my previous post). Luckily, almost immediately after posting, I made it out…

26 September, 2015

I can swim.

I’m scared. I feel like I’ve been thrown into the middle of the ocean with a crappy live jacket and leaky goggles. I thought I was prepared, but it doesn’t seem like anything could’ve prepared me for the situation I’ve been placed in. No one…

09 September, 2015

A Different Perspective

I was in that weird mindset between subconsciousness and reality, where dreams are slipping farther and farther away despite desperate efforts to hold on. I presume I would’ve succeeded if it hadn’t been for the rough patch of turbulence to jolt me into full consciousness….

05 September, 2015

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Zoe Barnes